Rate the best (and worst)
ads of the Super Bowl.

Sure, there’s a football game, but the real competition is for the attention of roughly one hundred million consumers. Super Bowl ads cost well over $100,000 per second, but are they worth it?  On Super Bowl Sunday, you decide which ad wins the coveted “Super Big Thumbs Up” trophy. Place your vote for advertising brilliance—and stupidity— with Super Ad Poll.

This year, we've made it even easier to take part in Super Ad Poll. All the action takes place on our Facebook page, so you can reward brilliance (and punish stupidity) no matter where you watch the game. 

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Our brilliant idea:
Super Ad Poll swag.

This year, we're giving away Super Ad Poll t-shirts so you can fondly remember Super Ad Poll during the dark, football-less days of...  baseball season. For a chance to win one, you can:

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A few (randomly selected) lucky souls who do so  will get a handsome Super Ad Poll tee. So spread the word, okay?

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